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Portland, OR
United States of America

Mackenzie Luong

Managing Director

Mackenzie is a Managing Director with Kates Kesler, where she partners with CEO’s and executive teams to design the operating models and organizational conditions that will bring future-focused vision and strategy to life. She has experience across a range of industries, including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, food, pharmaceuticals, and education.

Prior to Kates Kesler, Mackenzie spent time at IDEO, a global design firm specializing in the application of human-centered design to solve corporate and consumer challenges. Her expertise sits along a spectrum of organizational design work, from building net new functions (including innovation labs and structures for global expansion) to designing widespread internal strategies, operating models, and incentives to create future-fit organizations.

Mackenzie believes that change starts with people, not mandates, and that thoughtfully designing the right internal conditions can be a powerful approach to affect human behavior and drive long-term value (for consumers, employees, and businesses alike). Senior leadership must play a proactive role for this kind of change to take hold, but often lack the right information to synthesize insights, make decisions, and take meaningful action. Seeing this need, Mackenzie has focused much of her time advising c-suite leaders at both private and Fortune 100 companies on organizational design and how to cultivate the right internal conditions for change to thrive.

Mackenzie earned a dual Finance and Marketing degree from the University of Washington, Michael G. Foster School of Business and currently resides in Portland, OR.