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New York, NY
United States of America

Darko Lovric

Managing Director

Darko works with global high-growth companies, entrepreneurs and innovators, building bespoke cultures and organizations for founders and innovators executing big ideas. He is particularly focused on the need to build dynamic organizational structures for companies that don’t yet have a settled business model and require a flexible framework within which to operate.

In his fifteen years of advisory experience Darko led a wide variety of innovative projects, ranging from redesigning global health system, designing a new operating vehicle for a global foundation, building a global design capability for a Fortune 100 corporation, and working closely with a dozen entrepreneurs helping them with their venture strategy. While these projects ranged across sectors and scales, their common denominator required building the right organizational vehicle to execute a novel strategy.

He continues to coach entrepreneurs and innovators on their leadership challenges as well as serving as faculty for the Aspen Institute and UM6P school of Collective Intelligence, lecturing on behavior change.

Prior to his current roles Darko was a Fellow of the World Economic Forum, an advisor with Deloitte and an analyst at Goldman Sachs. Darko holds five university degrees (two bachelors and three masters) in the fields of psychology (Warwick), psychiatry (Oxford), business (Zagreb), foresight (Houston) and leadership (WEF in cooperation with Wharton, Columbia, INSEAD and LBS), as well as significant training in psychotherapy.