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London, England
United Kingdom

Danish Mishra


Danish is an aerospace engineer turned academic turned consultant. He specializes in understanding how knowledge, and specifically tacit knowledge, flows through networks, whether they are human, social, or computer networks.

Today, he uses his mathematical and management knowledge to tackle some of the toughest challenges in business – organizational design, innovation, and attrition. What sets Danish apart from many scientists is that he is not only analytical and with a deep grasp of numbers, but he is also well tuned into people and words. He’s able to take complex ideas and technical information and communicate in a way that others understand. This is a skill he has practiced and developed as a university lecturer, and skills he now uses to help clients get the most from the burgeoning field of network science.

Danish holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Management from University of Bath. He lives in London with his partner and in his spare time, enjoys writing poetry (albeit mediocre), reading, and running.