About the Book

Organization design is front and center as companies expand their reach into emerging markets and as they attempt to channel scarce resources away from yesterday’s priorities into innovation and other new growth opportunities. Today’s organizations are as complex as the global strategies they are designed to support. The authors argue that a company’s organization design should not be more complex than necessary, but the ability to design and manage an organization that can execute complex strategies brings competitive advantage over firms whose management can only do one thing well.

The emphasis of the book is making smart design decisions. With insights from extensive consulting work around the world and their research on many large multi-nationals, the authors reveal how to generate and evaluate the right design options, how to set up governance and management processes to align power effectively in the matrix, and how to engage the right people in implementing difficult organization changes.

Leading Organization Design provides new ways of thinking on the subject, as well as a coherent way to organize existing knowledge about the field. It is an essential guide for business leaders who want to make better organization design decisions and for internal and external professionals who support them. shows how to align the components of the organization through a scalable, five-step process that should be led by senior business leaders and supported by skilled human resources or OD professionals. Organization design experts Amy Kates and Greg Kesler present new frameworks, concepts, and tools and examine in depth how companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, P&G, Cisco and others have tackled today’s design challenges.

Early reviews of Leading Organization Design: How to Make Organization Design Decisions to Drive the Results You Want by Greg Kesler and Amy Kates.

“A practical perspective that sheds light on the challenges of organization design in a complex enterprise and more importantly provides an insightful road map for business decisions.”Randy MacDonald, SVP Human Resources IBM

“In today’s global business climate, organizational design and alignment are critical to long-term success. This is a great read for global business leaders, as they consider the future of their enterprise.”Charlie Denson, President Nike Brand

“Designing organizations for performance can be a daunting task. Kesler and Kates have done an admirable job distilling the inherent complexity of the design process into manageable parts that can yield tangible results. Leading Organization Design provides an essential hands-on roadmap for any business leader who wants to master this topic.”Robert Simons, Professor of Management, Harvard Business School

“Greg Kesler has encapsulated his wealth of knowledge and practical experience into an updated model on organizational design that will become a new primer on the subject.”Neville Isdell, Retired Chairman and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company

Leading Organization Design: How to Make Organization Design Decisions to Drive the Results You Want is published by Jossey-Bass and available for order at Amazon.com.