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Kates Kesler is
part of Accenture!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Accenture’s Operating Model & Organization Design practice built on the Kates Kesler methodology! We are now a global team of over 125 organization designers bringing an unmatched capability to our clients. We have the talent, assets, and market reach to solve the organization challenges facing business today: enterprise agility at scale, growth and innovation, complexity and cost management, mergers and acquisitions, digital transformation, and sustainability.

Networked, Scaled, and Agile (2021)

Our latest book, “Networked, Scaled, and Agile”, reveals how to shape organizations that will enable people to make faster and better decisions in a more complex world. We examine the role of the leadership team and how the organization design process can create more qualified C-suite leaders and successors. Every chapter concludes with a series of reflection questions for leaders as well as a summary of key concepts and tips.


Networked, Scaled, And Agile Book

See what questions our clients are asking

Spurring Growth
“We’re over-weighted in our mature markets. The emerging market people don’t have the resources. How do we shift focus to the markets where the growth is?”

“We are optimized at the local level only. Our global brand and category leaders need more influence to drive fewer, bigger ideas across the regions. What is the right mix?”

“What is the best way to align our digital commerce organization with our more established channels to execute a true omni-channel strategy?”

Scaling for Growth
“We’ve got a strategy and the good news is that it is working. How do we prepare our organization to double in size?”

“We’ve done several acquisitions that look really good, but it isn’t clear where to place some of these new businesses. We need a framework to determine which ones we integrate into existing divisions and which to keep separated.”

“Are we too large to continue with our functional structure? Should we be considering adding in product or category dimensions? When does a matrix make sense?”

Driving Innovation
“We’ve got lots of ideas but we can’t get them to market. How do we organize to speed new product development?”

“We need our marketers to partner with our R&D better. We need to connect new product development end-to-end.”

“We’re doing more R&D overseas for developing markets. How do we make sure we keep them linked to our global R&D group?”

Becoming More Customer Centric
“We are committed to driving a consistent consumer experience, but our current digital assets are very fractured and completely separate from the bricks and mortar assets.  We must design a more integrated organization to create a more seamless experience for consumers.”

“We have to rethink our go-to-market model to align structure and resources more with discrete customer segments.  We just can’t afford to have sales reps covering every account in every corner of the world, and we don’t need to.”

“Our customers are asking for solutions, but we’re still pushing products. The sales decision has moved to the c-suite and we are not organized to manage those kinds of accounts.”

Cost and Complexity
“We have marketing people spread out upstream and downstream, in the business units and in the sales force. How do we get more alignment?”

“We need our support functions, such as HR and finance, to help us make better, faster decisions, not create obstacles. How do we get out of the centralized/decentralized debate? What are some new ways to think about corporate center design?”

“We have focused a lot on reducing costs, but we’ve done it one function at a time and we don’t really have an overall organizational framework that defines the role of functions and business units.  How can create a more integrated enterprise operating model?”

Making the Matrix Effective
“Our global business units have become the dominant force in our organization and it’s clear we need more robust country and regional-level market leaders. We’ve reduced those people to sales managers. It’s completely out of balance.”

“We need to add the customer axis to our matrix for global trade partners, but is that too much complexity given our current global product and geographic matrix?”

“We have puzzled through decision rights confusion for years and still have not solved it. How can we resolve the operating governance issues between the global centers and the regional commercial teams?”

What is Organization Design?

linkein learning

LinkedIn Learning – Org Design Video Series

You can access 17, three-minute videos on the fundamentals of organization design. We share practical insights…a great resource for HR and OD professionals as well as line managers. You can see the first video here.

youtube 2Organization Design Videos on YouTube

Visit the Kates Kesler YouTube channel, where we have over 20 free videos on essential topics in organization design.


Business Futures 2021 | Signals of Change: Pushed to the Edge Roundtable

At the recent Accenture Future-Ready Forum, Chris Roark, Lead – Strategy, North America at Accenture, spoke with Amy Kates and Greg Kesler of Kates Kesler Organization Design, part of Accenture, about how leaders are pushing decision-making authority to people at the “edges,” relying on highly networked teams to act with speed and agility. Visit